First blog post – Why Blender?

Many of my colleagues choose to throw money at these problems, but I chose another route


News Graphics in Blenders VSE #b3d

These days modern NLEs (Non Linear Editors) have many tools for creating effective multi track composites. But a few years ago this wasn't the case, and today many large enterprise production companies (like TV stations) may not have installed systems with all the bells and whistles. Previously the edit system in use at my day … Continue reading News Graphics in Blenders VSE #b3d

Clean Plate construction #b3d

Recently at work, I needed a clean exterior shot of a specific location. Unfortunately the only thing the camera operator shot was a "walky" (talent walking towards or away from camera), that covered almost all of the building. The style of the footage is handheld and a bit dynamic, while cars pass by, reflected in … Continue reading Clean Plate construction #b3d