Quick tour, still no Blender

It’s funny the stuff we still use and the stuff we don’t.

Now that everything is digital it’s supposed to be perfect, so we don’t have much call to use the waveform monitor. I think I would struggle to find anyone else that understands it anyway. Its not like you can fix anything anyway, as most gear doesn’t allow even basic control (once called proc amp) of brightness (level), chroma (saturation) or pedestal (contrast or black levels).

But we do keep an old tape machine around. The Sony Beta-SX will play our old Betacam SP tapes from the library (although that’s rare too). Not sure how long it will last as Sony don’t make replacement heads for them anymore. The office looks a bit empty as many journalists (or journos) are out in the field gathering footage for stories with their film crews (ENG crews – Electronic News Gathering).

The news Exchange or injest area is where we gateway all the feeds of media from other stations or interstate/overseas. It houses our VTR (Video Tape Machine) and a bunch of stressed out operators. They’re responsible for making sure that everything that goes to air each night actually turns up and is playable. Sometimes its not.

I’ll have to do a special post of the edit suites where I hide Blender later 😉

Did you guess what the big blue wall is? That’s our elaborate weather set!


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