Raining Blender Faces #b3d


Child geniuses, of which I am not one, were the subject of a story we made recently at work. Of note was the grade 6 child doing year 12 physics!

Another kid has his own educational series on youtube, he’s just 14. To demonstrate his prolific output I grabbed a bunch of his youtube videos and used them to texture a series of planes. I place these planes in a row and added them to a group. I filmed the line of images as they pass an overhead camera. From another angle I placed a particle emitter which ejected a random selection of images from the Plane Group. The gravity was turned of in this case.

I used a second camera to film this angle and a modified world texture to add some horizontal lines. I composited these cameras together in the VSE so that I could alter the timing based on the changes to the script. Creating this many random particle planes in another effect package would have taken quite a while to render, not so in Blender using the venerable old Blender Internal renderer. The shot lasted about 8 seconds.


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